Star Trek Picard Episode #1 Remembrance Review: Spoiler Free

Star Trek Picard has been a long time coming with high expectations and a big heaping pile of trash behind it. In terms of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, it continues a legacy that ended in disappointment; that being the mediocre line of films that culminated in Star Trek: Nemesis which boggles the mind to think that it came out in 2002 and not in the more appropriately timed never.

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Twilight Zone Season 1 Wrapup Part Two

(Editor’s Note: Episode spoilers ahead, just the first couple minutes of each episode except where noted otherwise.)

I finally got around to watching the last half of the first season of Twilight Zone, admittedly a bad idea as I had just spent a long car ride listening to the Twilight Zone BBC radio dramas and had high expectations for where the second half of the season would take me.

With some faults the second half of the season was consistently better than the first, and actually has me wanting to see where the show goes for season #2. Which has been confirmed.

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The Twilight Zone (2019) Season 1 Wrap Up (Part One)

(Editor’s Note: Spoilers for Season One of The Twilight Zone ahead)

The Twilight Zone isn’t good, certainly not what the product of a long-dormant television show and the mind of Jordan Peele should be capable of producing. While some didn’t appreciate the political messages in his films like Get Out and Us, it’s hard to deny that they were well shot films.

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