I can’t even with this movie.

The Man Who Killed Hitler and the Bigfoot is one of the more dizzying films I’ve seen over the last year, because it’s another film I went into with earnest impressions of what it might be only to realize I was completely mistaken. I assumed by the title that this movie would be shlock, and it is. To an extent you wouldn’t expect.

First off let’s agree why you’re looking up this movie; you saw Sam Elliott on the cover and immediately got interested. That’s how it peaked my interest as well. I don’t think anyone would disagree that Sam Elliott is a charming man with a great moustache. Sam Elliott plays Calvin Barr, an old man who just wants to live out the rest of his days in peace and quiet. But nobody is ever allowed to do that in the world of cinema, as the United States and Canadian government agents knock on his door with a peculiar request.

You see a Bigfoot is somewhere in Canada, and this bigfoot just happens to be carrying a deadly virus that could manifest into an extinction level event if he’s not taken out. Calvin Barr is a trained hunter and tracker, and he has just the right qualifications for the job. He’s also like 75 years old.

Nothing about the title of this film is a lie. There’s Hitler, there’s Bigfoot. It may disappoint you to learn that the two don’t interact with each other, instead Hitler lives in his rightful timeline as a flashback from the past. The Hitler portion of the plot is quite intelligently written, without giving any spoilers. But yes, Hitler is here and as the title goes Sam Elliott did kill him.

By the way Sam Elliott is a fantastic performer, not that you needed to be reminded. His role as Calvin Barr masterfully plays a man with decades of grief and resentment haunting him. He’s the soldier that time forgot and one who knows his greatest achievement can never be made public. The title of the movie makes you think this is going to be some Danny Trejo Machete level shlock, but it’s actually a grounded, reserved, and introspective movie. It’s about a man dealing with his place in the world, a world that just happens to have bigfoot in it.

For director Robert Krzykowski’s first film, this is definitely a sign of talent and genius. It reminded me of the premise of Strangers With Candy, where nobody ever acknowledges Jerri Blank is a 46 year old high schooler. Barr is briefed on bigfoot and everyone discusses this creature with the kind of casualty that you’d think he was going to shoot a bear.

Also in the movie is Aiden Turner who you may recognize as Kili from The Hobbit, and Caitlin FitzGerald who is also a person. Larry Miller plays Calvin’s brother Ed, and of course we all remember Larry Miller from his role as Paolo in The Princess Diaries. 

The Man Who Killed Hitler and the Bigfoot sounds like a dumb film, but it’s very intelligent and thoughtful in its plot. There is one bad scene where Sam Elliott fights bigfoot and it looks horrible. It doesn’t detract from the overall film.

Verdict: A