This is awkward.

What do you do with a show after eight straight episodes of destroying Gotham, killing supervillains, and random bloodshed? You have a vacation episode!

The main plot follows Harley Quinn who is definitely not still overcompensating for their kiss. Harley throws a bachelorette party for Poison Ivy with all of her best friends; Jennifer, Mrs. Freeze (Ms. Freeze), and Catwoman. The crew heads to Themyscira (Wonder Woman’s island) which is now a tropical resort whose queen has absolutely not been hypnotized in her daughter’s absence in a plot to sell the island to Lex Luthor.

The party turns into a full on rager and Harley and Ivy bone down, which you probably knew because it’s the thumbnail for the episode. Ivy is getting married to Kite Man, but it’s obvious that she has feelings for Harley.

The B-plot is a Little Mermaid parody involving King Shark being pulled back to his underwater family for an arranged marriage in order to save two shark bloodlines. Turns out King Shark isn’t just his name, it’s a title. Somehow the Harley Quinn show manages to pull off pairing the emotional A-plot with an “Under the Sea” parody musical number centered around fish shitting wherever they want.

If I had to guess, I’d say that this is all gearing up toward a somewhat cliche tear jerking moment as Kite Man and Ivy are getting ready to say their “I Do’s.” This season is all about Ivy deciding whether she wants to take the predictable and safe road marrying Kite Man or go down the potentially toxic emotional roller coaster of breaking it off and going with Harley.

We haven’t quite seen an episode where Harley and Kite Man get to hang out with one another and bond. Maybe that’s the spark Kite Man needs to step up his game.