Harley Quinn Show #9 Review: A Seat At The Table

“I will always smash something you need smashed” says Harley Quinn to Poison Ivy, immediately inspiring thousands of more pieces of rule 34 shipping between the two characters.

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Harley Quinn Episode 8 Review: L.O.D.R.S.V.P

The Harley Quinn Show is quickly making its way to the plot line we all saw coming from episode numero uno: Harley gets accepted into the League of Doom, realizes that her real legion is in the friends she made along the way, and ditches those assholes to be with her soulmate Poison Ivy who presumably will ditch Kite Man around the same time. In terms of filmography, we have no entered act two of this three act play.

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Harley Quinn Episode 7: The Line Review

The Harley Quinn show is seven episodes in and continues to absolutely be a thing that exists on the internet.

Harley Quinn may be jarring for DC Universe fans not used to characters throwing around curse words and gratuitous comic violence for the sake of comic violence. The first season of the series has so far centered itself on Harley’s never ending quest to join the Legion of Doom following her breakup with Joker. She lives in an apartment with Poison Ivy and has built up a crew consisting of Dr. Psycho, King Shark, and Clayface. Oh and Poison Ivy has a wise-cracking plant named Frank played by none other than J.B. Smoove.

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