This is a real shampoo factory.

One thing I have come to appreciate about the Harley Quinn Show is how the show writers are willing to dig deep for the kind of DC Universe villains that don’t seem to get much attention anymore, and mold them into either real characters or decent antagonists for Harley to deal with.

Case in point: Queen of Fables who hasn’t appeared in a comic in over a decade but was given a pretty big role in season one thanks to the animated acting chops of Wanda Sykes. Also Kite Man who is so lame that he is ah homage to Charlie Brown. Voiced by Matt Oberg, we have to agree with Poison Ivy; he’s growing on us.

Episode 3 of Harley Quinn has Harley and the gang now focused on taking down Mr. Freeze whose slice of Gotham unsurprisingly is covered in ice. Unbreakable ice, the kind that can only be melted through with Firefly’s flamethrower. Little do they know that the museum has become the playground of Dr. Trap.

The episode is definitely more about the growing relationship with Ivy and Kite Man as the latter joins in on the museum heist for the sole purpose of finding a ring with a leaf on it to propose to Ivy. Poison Ivy meanwhile spends this episode fawning over Catwoman whose domineering attitude turns the normally calm and sarcastic Ivy into a gibbering hormonal teenage girl who will eat cobb salad because it was ordered for her.

Episode 4 meanwhile focuses back on the standard Harley heist as the crew uses their newfound flamethrower to break into Mr. Freeze’s lair. After a rousing game of kill the henchmen, the crew of Harley, King Shark, Psycho, and Clayface are captured by Mr. Freeze and taken prisoner to test out the serum he has created to save his dying wife.

Thawing Hearts includes the hallmarks of a classic Harley Quinn Show episode. Being a person who hasn’t had much success in the love department, Harley sees Freeze’s wife encased in ice and immediately comes to the conclusion that Freeze must be holding her against her will and using the disease as an excuse to lord over her. Also she thinks Freeze organized the hit against her on account of the whole being frozen in a block of ice just a couple episodes earlier.

I’m sure she won’t do anything stupid. Oh wait.

The episode’s b-plot revolves around Ivy and Kite Man picking out their wedding location and ultimately fighting against Condiment King to get the last appointment at a wedding venue. It’s a ridiculous story and another character for Alan Tudyk to take control of with his insane condiment puns.

I don’t think anyone expected this episode would have us feeling the feelings, but it does. Thawing Hearts is all about love and unfairly putting your own life experiences onto the motivations of others. Harley learned a lesson and we can only hope that Kite Man gets his revenge on Condiment King.