Now that we’re actually caught up.

Harley Quinn episode 5 starts out on a meta joke: A neckbearded nerd goes on a rant about the Harley Quinn show and Harley’s “Mary Sue powers” while calling The Joker a cuck and complaining about SJWs. His friend notes that the guy has in-depth knowledge of the show and has actually written reviews of individual episodes despite claiming to have never seen it because he isn’t “a twelve year old girl.” Noticing that the episode is focused on Bruce Wayne with no appearances by Quinn or Ivy, he concedes interest.

Let’s recap; Bane and Two-Face are the only remaining members of the Injustice League what with the other members being dead or incapacitated. Batgirl has taken up the mantle and is fighting crime around Gotham. All of the superheroes are still trapped in the Book of Fables, while the Joker is missing and Batman is waking up from a coma.

This bat-centered episode deals mostly with Bruce Wayne’s recovery from his coma and his childish rebellion against Alfred who won’t let Wayne go fight crime on account of him being crippled. It’s another return to the classic theme where superheroes are childish immature preteens with huge egos that need to be kept in line.

It also dives heavily into Iron Man MCU parody when Batman builds his own super armor.

The B plot this episode revolves around Bane and Two Face as the only remaining supervillains and Bane’s struggle to get any sense of respect in the dwindling Injustice League. It’s a fine plot that just serves to continue the Batman-Ironman parody.

At this juncture Alan Tudyk has voiced enough characters that he can conceivably do a solo episode. Who wouldn’t want to see a Joker/Clayface/Calendar Man/Doctor Trap/Condiment King episode?

This episode also features a new hero; The Macaroni who I hope comes back for future capers. Next week is back to normal with an episode focused on The Joker and what he’s been up to since we saw him dunked in a vat of normalizing juice at the end of season one.