You are tearing me apart, judge!

Did you know Tommy Wiseau is from Poland? Tommy would like you to not know that and he spent a lot of time and effort working to prevent a documentary from revealing that information among other details about his life, and he’s going to pay six figures for it.

The filmmaker Tommy Wiseau known almost infamously for the terrible movie The Room filed a lawsuit against the documentary company Room Full Of Spoons years ago to prevent its release. Wiseau’s claims runs on copyright as the film uses 69 scenes totaling seven minutes, and alleging that the film invaded his personal life.

Well the court disagreed, so much so that they awarded $750 thousand total in compensatory and punitive damages to the defense, noting that Wiseau had engaged in bad faith practices in order to stall the release of the film which he felt portrayed him in a negative light.

The film also discloses Tommy’s real name and birth date, the only two topics of interest that people still have about Tommy Wiseau. There is no timetable at the moment for when the documentary will be viewable.