The Harley Quinn Show is quickly making its way to the plot line we all saw coming from episode numero uno: Harley gets accepted into the League of Doom, realizes that her real legion is in the friends she made along the way, and ditches those assholes to be with her soulmate Poison Ivy who presumably will ditch Kite Man around the same time. In terms of filmography, we have no entered act two of this three act play.

Kaley Cuoco continues her stellar work as Harley Quinn who starts out the episode stealing Aquaman’s family jewels (ha ha balls) which leads to her receiving an official invitation to join the League of Doom. Aquaman of course is played by Chris Diamantopoulos who plays up Jason Momoa’s dude-bro side from the film to about an eleven. In other words, he’s an obnoxious asshole like virtually all of the male superheroes in this show.

There’s an interesting character dynamic that will surely set forward the remaining episodes in the first season from Harley’s relationship with Ivy, the League of Doom’s actual intentions and why they invited Harley in the first place, and very likely some jokes about Dr. Psycho returning to the LOD after he called Wonder Woman the c-word.

Meanwhile there is a b-plot of Dr. Psycho and Sy Borgman investigating a loud noise coming from beneath the mall hideout. Who the hell cares.

Otherwise L.O.D.R.S.V.P has a huge cast of DC villains to gawk at as they eat a nice dinner at the Legion of Doom reception party. My personal favorite joke of the show involves Bane telling an awful ocean joke, getting booed, and responding “oh it looks like political correctness has ruined comedy.”