Finally a Bane-themed episode!

Episode spoilers ahoy.

There’s no secret that Bane (James Adomian) is one of my favorite recurring characters in The Harley Quinn show, so finally seeing an episode dedicated to the big man himself is a welcome treat. Following last week’s episode focusing on Bruce Wayne, we return to Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell) on trial in Harvey Dent’s (Andy Daly) court for the murder of the Injustice League with Bane as judge.

Thanks to the inept work of their court-appointed lawyer Manbat, the duo are sentenced to life in prison. The episode is another case of DC characters trying to live out as normal people. Manbat is a disheveled public attorney, Bane has been given the job of warden in an underground prison where he genuinely thinks he can reform criminals. The twist? His methods are actually working.

Harley and Ivy decide to exploit a jail talent show featuring George Lopez as the headline comedy act in order to start a riot and escape on Lopez’s chopper. I think it’s funny that they actually got George Lopez to come in and record the very few lines that his character has.

Our B-story this episode has Jim Gordon (Christopher Meloni) and Batgirl (Briana Cuoco) working together as Barbara tries to fix her dad’s horrible drinking problem (at one point he puts globs of mayo on his spaghetti). Batgirl needs to remind Jim that he was once a damn good cop and Jim needs to get the GCPD back in working order to bring Gotham back to its former partially crime-ridden state.

This is a great redemption episode for Jim Gordon not to mention Poison Ivy who comes to realize that the pit she is imprisoned in isn’t just an actual physical pit, but a metaphorical one. There’s some deep life lessons to be learned there somewhere. But the big reveal is at the end of the episode when Ivy saves Harley from falling into a pit of flames and the two share a kiss before reacting in shock, and roll credits.

The idea of Harley and Ivy becoming a couple has been teased by showrunners since season one and it looks like we’re finally getting into that storyline.┬áNext week’s episode is titled “Inner (Para) Demons” and involves the post-kiss drama.