I hope you like musical montages.

Luke Wilson is to film what Digiorno is to pizza; I wouldn’t go out of my way to see something that he is headlining in but I might get a little excited if I’m hungry and it’s right in front of me. He’s a perfectly talented man who happens to get roles in a lot of crappy movies.

Stargirl is the latest from DC Universe and is based on the relatively new (1999) comic book of the same name. The series stars Brec Bassinger as the hero Courtney Whitmore aka Stargirl. Courtney is not happy when her mom Barbara (Amy Smart) marries Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) with his son Mike (Trae Romano) and the family moves to Nebraska to start a whole new life. With Luke Wilson.

Courtney’s first day at the new school goes terribly as she gets into a fight with one of the school bullies after being forced to sit at the “loser” table with a group of misfits who will no doubt become her partners in justice as the show progresses.

Luke Wilson’s job in this show is to be the out of touch dad who tries to relate to his new step daughter and doesn’t understand technology, while Brec Bassinger’s job is to be the asshole teenager who eventually comes to appreciate this new family for what they are, not what she lost. Her mother is there for the guidance and step-brother there for the gross out humor.

Since Stargirl is definitely aimed at the all-ages crowd, we won’t be seeing anything close to the Harley Quinn Show or Titans level of gore or vulgarity. The first season will deal with Stargirl becoming accustomed to her newfound powers, learning the identities of the Injustice League that has settled in her town, and forming the new Justice League using her Breakfast Club troop of stereotypes from the loser’s table at the cafeteria.

I like how the initial conflict essentially starts out as a misunderstanding. Courtney inadvertently uses the staff to beat the crap out of a school bully and blow up his car. The bully Henry King Jr. happens to be the son of Injustice League supervillain Brainwave. Brainwave interprets this as an outright hostile threat against him and reconvenes the Injustice League.

Also Solomon Grundy is in this show. Check it out on DC Universe as well as The CW.