The Harley Quinn show is seven episodes in and continues to absolutely be a thing that exists on the internet.

Harley Quinn may be jarring for DC Universe fans not used to characters throwing around curse words and gratuitous comic violence for the sake of comic violence. The first season of the series has so far centered itself on Harley’s never ending quest to join the Legion of Doom following her breakup with Joker. She lives in an apartment with Poison Ivy and has built up a crew consisting of Dr. Psycho, King Shark, and Clayface. Oh and Poison Ivy has a wise-cracking plant named Frank played by none other than J.B. Smoove.

The Line continues Harley’s arc of desperately wanting to join the Legion of Doom, and this week she decides to take on a task that no other villain has been able to accomplish. She’s going to steal a weather machine. The Queen of Fables (played by Wanda Sykes) is released from her imprisonment inside a tax book and joins Harley’s crew over Poison Ivy’s arguments that it might be a bad idea. Harley is a villain, but the Queen of Fables? She’s a real bad guy. The kind that murders innocent people for the hell of it.

Wanda Sykes returns to give a stellar performance as Queen of Fables, although my favorite supporting character this time around is the adorable mouse from Cinderella that goes commando and chain smokes human-sized cigarettes. Unfortunately he won’t be coming back for future episodes.

Kite Man continues to be the worst part of this series and The Line carries on the subplot of Poison Ivy having a case of the not-gays and dating him despite the fact that she can’t stand being seen with him in public. Ivy getting beaten over the head with a metaphorical “you should be nicer” stick would make sense if Kite Man had any redeeming qualities as a person, but he doesn’t. The show writers seem focused on viewers not misinterpreting Harley and Ivy living together as proof that they’re doinking just because they are a couple in the comics.

The Line instills upon viewers two very important lessons in supervillainy: Never leave a bloodline open and don’t bring in just anyone as an ally, especially if that person has a penchant for mass murder. Oh and don’t date Kite Man.

Hell yea.