Harley Quinn Episode #10 takes us to meet the Quinn family and that means mom, dad, and grandma.

Hot off the heels of getting ditched by her crew, Harley starts out the episode stalking her friend’s social media accounts as Bane looks on in disappointment. We get the view of Harley’s gang streaming their trip at the amusement park as King Shark happily screams “I wanna die” while riding a roller coaster and being pelted with what we really hope is Clayface’s clay.

Harley (Kaley Cuoco) goes back to reconnect with her loving mother (Susie Essman), deadbeat dad (Charlie Adler) and lvoing grandmother (also Susie Essman). Her fantastic trip is cut a bit short when an assassin shows up presumably to kill her father on behalf of the mob. Harley’s dad owes a lot of money to the mob, and we are introduced to just what a horrible man he is by going back to Harley’s college days when ol’ dad convinces Harley to take a dive in a college gymnastics competition so he can pay back a loan.

Meanwhile in the sub plot soon-to-be main plot, Ivy has been kidnapped by an unknown person and tries to talk her way out with the part time henchmen full time teacher.

There’s plenty of social satire here as well, such as the mob guys starting out by shouting random stereotypical Italian phrases followed by commenting that they are perfect examples of things that they should stop saying to avoid perpetuating Italian stereotypes. One of the mobsters calls Harley a bitch only for another to remind him that he can still be respectful while murdering someone.

Harley ends this episode pretty much where she started out a few episodes back, this time with more understanding of her friend’s importance. With three episodes left in the season, we’re going to assume at least one plot point involves Harley quitting the Legion of Doom.

Rating: A