It’s not a bottle episode. (spoilers)

In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious my enthusiasm for shows has gone way downhill over the last few weeks, given this is the first She-Hulk episode I’m about four days late on talking about and I haven’t even watched the last three episodes of House of the Dragon. My interest comes and goes, as anyone who has read this website knows regarding my memory that this website exists.

She-Hulk #6 is called “Just Jen” and it’s an episode almost entirely with Jennifer Walters. Jen Walters gets an invitation to a wedding from a person she admits she doesn’t really like and hasn’t talked to in years. Why? Because it’s awkward to turn down a wedding invitation. Also the show acknowledges that it’s a pretty inconvenient time in the season to sideline the show for a wedding episode, which it justifies on the grounds that weddings rarely are convenient for the guests. Not the best of fourth wall breaking.  Also not a particularly good episode.

The B-plot meanwhile revolves around Book and Ramos taking on the divorce case of Mr. Immortal, played by David Pasquesi. Mr. Immortal’s superpower is that he can’t die, and apparently he’s been using this power to fake his death and get out of numerous marriages. And now all of those allegedly widowed lovers want compensation. Much like seeing Amy Sedaris pop up in The Mandalorian, I loved seeing Pasquesi appear in this show. He holds one of my favorite roles in late 90s show, that being Stew in Strangers With Candy. And if you hadn’t noticed, I really love Strangers With Candy. There’s no court stuff in this episode as everything is hashed out pretty quickly and without much issue outside of Mr. Immortal killing himself in the initial consultation. Don’t worry, he’s fine.

It’s very clearly a filler episode. There is a very brief fight scene between She-Hulk and Titania, and I really don’t like Titania. Not in the sense that she’s a villain and we’re supposed to dislike her, but just because she’s such a terrible character. Yeah, we’re in the modern era. I’ve never taken a liking to villains that are also inexplicably influencers. Although it works, since many influencers are also really awful people with terrible personalities. There’s a sub-sub-plot where Book and Ramos discover a website called Intelligencia where people obsessively talk about Jen and how to murder her, a clear reference toward sites like Kiwi Farms. Well timed since Kiwi Farms itself has recently been shut down. We are then reminded that there’s still people who want to steal Jen’s blood.

Whatever. See you this week.