I’m bored. (Spoilers)

It’s finally over and the internet can stop talking about She-Hulk. I’m just kidding, most of the nitwit YouTube commentators have at least six more months of videos talking about how She-Hulk is cringe nae nae stanky leg dog shit ruining society. I want to talk about the last…three episodes? I’m not entirely sure, I’ve been watching the show but haven’t had much to say about it up until this point. I figured instead of wasting more front page space on individual episodes I’d go with a style of just talking about each season in thirds or halves or whatever. So that’s what we’re going to do. I don’t have much to say here.

With the season behind me, I can officially say that She-Hulk was…a show. Would I watch it again? No. Would I have watched it had I known how it was going to go? It’d go on the bottom of my list, I’m not too sure. It’s nowhere near as bad as the outrage addicts on the internet want to make it seem, but it’s also not that good. I feel like I wasted over eight hours of my life. The highlight of the season was definitely the appearance of Matt Murdock as well as the scene in the finale when Jennifer breaks out of the show to complain about how the last episode sucks directly to Kevin himself. And by the way, having the show acknowledge that the last episode sucks doesn’t absolve it for sucking up to that point.

I think part of it is that it feels like nothing got accomplished over the last eight hours. You could have cut this show down to a feature length film and not lost anything important in the process. None of the court case stuff is substantial enough to count as anything more than an afterthought, in a show that already has very little direction or coherent vision. The plots are all over the place, there’s too many characters we don’t care about, and too many threads that get resolved in uninteresting ways. The show builds up this idea that there’s just a ton of super-powered people in the world now for one reason or another, but doesn’t do anything with it. I have a feeling this is leading up to X-Men.

I suppose the worst thing I can say about the show outside of its bad writing, bad characters, terrible dialogue, shallow plot threads, a dumb shit final villain, and meaningless everything is that it felt hollow and made me miss the prior shows. Loki had its issues with how it handled the characters, but the plot went somewhere and things happened and it felt impactful on the world. Same with WandaVision. Ms. Marvel felt less impactful overall but Imam Vellani is adorable and charming and you cared about her and her family and the show had great characters and moments. The same I would say goes for Moon Knight which had its plot threads that kept you interested and engaged and ready to figure out where the show would go from there.

She-Hulk doesn’t have that. Titania wasn’t present enough for me to care about, and Intelligencia is stupid. At least it’s over and there’s literally no other MCU shows on the docket for the near future until Season 2 of What If…? in early 2023. I’m going to fall back into my coma.