BMO gets in trouble on an alien planet.

It’s been two years since Adventure Time came to a spectacular end on Cartoon Network after ten great seasons and 283 episodes. Now Pendleton Ward could have ended the series where it was and it would have been perfect but instead we got a miniseries made for HBO Max in the form of Distant Lands.

The first episode is BMO-focused.

Adventure Time regularly had BMO-centric episodes and they were generally fantastic. BMO views the world with the naive optimism of a child blissfully unaware of the world around him and more specifically their less-than-stellar intentions.

Distant Lands Episode 1 follows BMO (Niki Yang) on his way to terraform mars and plant potatoes. His mission takes a turn when his ship is commandeered by an alien who brings him to a place called The Drift. BMO names himself the new sheriff of The Drift and sets forth offering help to those who need it. He is joined by rabbit-creature Y5 (Glory Curda) and tasked with retrieving a gem by The Drift’s leader Hugo (Randall Park) in order to save The Drift from impending collapse.

BMO has an established place in the Adventure Time world and while it doesn’t reveal anything shocking about the world it doesn’t have to. This is BMO’s story and it is going to be told.

Rating: A