A short form video service with a short life.

Ten minutes. That’s roughly the maximum length that a video is on Quibi. Six months. That’s how long the service was in operation before it crapped the bed and died.

Quibi Holdings LLC has announced that the troubled short form video service will be shutting down. After proving the old idiom that a sucker is born every minute, Quibi managed to rake in $1.75 billion in investments from Disney, NBC, and AT&T, companies who naturally don’t seem to understand much about the media market.

Quibi was originally devised as a mobile-only service and contained all kinds of original programming that nobody asked for like Reno 911 and a fan-made recreation of The Princess Bride or a court show judged by Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Tiegen. Who the hell cares. Turns out nobody wants to spend $4.99 to watch crappy reality shows on their phone.

How About Notflix would like to recommend that any original programming on Quibi might find a home on an equally terrible platform. Tubi.