Finn and Jake are dead.

One statement I constantly find myself making with Adventure Time is that Pendleton Ward created a world with infinite possibilities for storytelling. Want a western tale of BMO on another planet? Deal. Marceline and Princess Bubblegum saving a civilization of glass people? Completely natural. With its multiple universes, ever-expanding lore, and crazy creations, Adventure Time can present us with essentially any scenario or character and have it fit perfectly in this insane universe.

Together Again kicks off in true Adventure Time fashion; Finn and Jake are wrapping up their latest adventure stealing magical 50-flavor ice cream from a tribe of ice cream people in the Ice Kingdom. An ice cream so good, according to Jake, you have to sprinkle dirt on it so your mind can handle the flavor. Again, none of this seems weird in Adventure Time land.

To avoid spoilers as much as possible, we eventually cut to a far future where Finn & Jake have long since been separated, and Finn is on an adventure to reconnect with his old friend. Such an adventure will take Finn through numerous worlds, each with its own zany themes and denizens, in what ultimately becomes another send-off for both friends. More than the one we got in the series finale.

And of course since the Distant Lands series has banked on bringing back old friends, we get to see plenty of cast members make a return even if it’s only for a few seconds. The best and equally saddest side-character appearance is Tree Trunks who we see being her best now deceased in one of the many dead worlds. The episode itself is dedicated to the memory of Tree Trunks’ voice actress Polly Lou Livingston who died earlier this year at the ripe old age of 91.

The overall plot of Together Again sees Finn searching for Jake with the duo working together to save a realm from its selfish, abusive, and rather immature new ruler. It’s a story about two friends who continue to find one another no matter how far time and space pull them apart. Fans of the show can look forward to some laughs, some tears, and plenty of made up words that completely make sense.

Runtime: 46 minutes.

Rating: A