What a journey. (spoilers)

Moon Knight has been quite a ride these past few weeks, although not enough to get me writing about it at length. I have to say though I did not think at any point prior to episode 4 that I would be this excited to see how the series pans out. Copy that with the fact that Dr. Strange comes out this week and I’m actually interested to see how they stuff the film out the ass with all the characters that have shown up in the trailers. It’s a weird week for Marvel, I’m not used to being excited about a release.

One commonality I’ve noticed with Marvel shows is that usually around the halfway point they’ve completely dropped the premise of the show. WandaVision dropped the TV sitcom pitch, Loki no longer had any interest in the buddy time cop series it was advertised as, What If…? stopped pretending that the stories were separated and just stories, and Hawkeye/Falcon were crap. However I didn’t think that Moon Knight would simply drop the premise of…Moon Knight. If you thought the show didn’t bring out Moon Knight enough as it was, just wait until Spector is completely stripped of his powers. And dead.

Having episode five end with Steven Grant pulled into the abyss while Marc Spector ends up in the field of reeds is quite an image to end the episode on. While as the audience we know that Spector will inevitably escape his demise and return to the world of the living to defeat Harrow as Moon Knight and save the day, the last couple of episodes were quite a trip for those who like to theorize. What if the whole series up to that point was in fact the delusion of a man in a psychiatric facility? Honestly it wouldn’t shock me if Marvel dedicated a whole series to end it on a “it was just a dream” sort of twist. They didn’t, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

One of the big open ends I’m expecting to see in the finale is this obvious third personality that the show’s been beating us over the head with for the last couple of episodes. We see Spector blank out in episode 3 or 4 and wipe out a room of baddies which he blames on Steven Grant, who denies everything. In episode 4 in the asylum scene Spector passes by a third sarcophagus which clearly contains another personality, although the two decide not to open it. Whatever this third personality is we’re likely to see it coming in the finale, otherwise Marvel is pulling the greatest cock tease in recent history.

Another aspect I’m interested in is if the show explains the origins of the Egyptian gods. If there’s one constant throughout Marvel history it’s the fact that gods are basically celestial beings simply of great power that came to our dimension. Asgardia being a real place and all. But the Egyptian pantheon appears to be far more invested in humanity than we’ve seen and taking an active role in sorting and caring for or condemning human souls after their death. Disney has a habit of over-explaining the origins of characters, so who knows where this might lead.

And I should point out once again that I have no knowledge of Moon Knight outside of this show as I have never read the comics and don’t plan to. So if any of these thoughts are answered in a comic issue or are very similar to a story line somewhere, I don’t care. The big question for episode 6 is whether Steven Grant is gone for good, and if Marc Spector will be the lead for Moon Knight’s personality going forward and into the future MCU installments. It’s going to be weird seeing Moon Knight in the greater MCU in future installments.